Where to find us: 1117 Budapest, Kőrösy József utca 17.

Tel.: +36 20 217 0802

Zsófia Balassa
financial and project manager


Julianna Petró


Fanni Sólyom-Nagy
communication, international relations

+36 30 555 4269

Gábor Takács
president, artistic director


The performing method we use – based on the inclusion of the audience – often – quite consciously – blurs the border between performers and spectators, ensuring that participants can shape the events and create their own relation to the focus point to a greater extent. We believe that if a man can make choices and decisions in his/her imagination or in a fictitious world, he can do so in real life, too. Our performances focusing on a certain problem make it possible – with the help of conversation and action based on collective thinking – for participants to know themselves and their environment better, and to see the world not in static motionlessness, but as a course of proceedings. An organic part of our work is the pedagogical approach, but we try to avoid didactic questioning and instead we try to query schematic answers and clichés.



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