Drama lessons

We regularly offer and produce theatrical games for the students of primary and secondary schools, different groups and organizations, where the conceptual basics are the same as the basic principles of ARS performances and also there are similarities in the applied methods. These games usually take place with the help of two actor-drama teachers, and it is possible to hold it even in a school space. Their technical needs are very low. We also work with stories, situations and theater tools in these cases as well. We offer a non-traditional role to our viewers during our complex theater games. The pre-prepared theatrical scenes/episodes are interrupted again and again by interactive games which are designed to allow the viewers to think and act together through their emotions, creating a forum to examine an important human problem and express their relationship with the proposed problem in a creative way.

Playtime: 120’-180’

The cost of implementing the games is usually a matter of agreement between the customer and the group. It is also possible – based on prior consultation and planning – to create/implement specific group games.

  • Glade – for students of 3th-4th grade, elementary school, about the concept of community and rules
  • Playground – for students of 5th-6th grade, elementary school, about the concept of intra-group violence
  • Seashore – for high school students and adults about the concepts of indifference and humanity