Lady Lear


Interactive theatre project for adults where we tiptoe around a subject we usually aim to avoid: aging. What happens to the Mother, when she is no longer able to provide for herself, and starts to depend on her Sons? What happens to the three Children now that they have to take care of the Mother? Where does responsibility begin, and where does it end? How much do they have to sacrifice of their own lives in order to take care of the person who brought them up?
Crap of a situation with a capital C, served with lots of bittersweet humour.

Based on the dramatic work of the actors written by: Dániel Ambrus KOVÁCS,  Júlia RÓBERT

Actors: Viktor BORI, Gábor GYOMBOLAI, János KARDOS, Melinda MILÁK, András SEREGLEI, Gábor TAKÁCS

Set design: Dániel Ambrus KOVÁCS

Dramaturge: Júlia RÓBERT

Managing director & TIE consultant: Gábor GYOMBOLAI

Assistent director: Somorjai Márton

Director: Kovács Dániel Ambrus


Supporter: NKA