Participate in your life!

Members of this international network are theatres working with children and youngsters (too) and through their work, they give significant space for interaction (or are open to get to know forms and application of interactivity). Our main objective is to get to know each other’s cultural background and provide an opportunity for exchanging knowledge (everyone is able to teach something new for a new organization). Members of this group will perhaps create together international projects in the fields of performativity. Our long-term objective is to create a platform where participants in concrete projects can connect performative tools with interactivity focusing on children and youngsters. (We are interested in expanding the platform. The first year of the project will include discussions and the common understanding of the concept of interactivity.

Activities in the project: 

  • two-day-long kick-off meeting in Lithuania (August 2018)
  • five-day-long professional workshop in Budapest at Káva (January 2019)

Partner organizations:

  • Bird and Bat / Iceland
  • Kompani13 / Norway
  • National Kaunas Drama Theatre / Lithuania
  • Káva Kulturális Műhely Egyesület / Hungary

Homepage of the project: 

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interactive theatrical adventure for teenagers

This performance, co-created by the four cooperation partners of the Participate in your life international project: Norway, Iceland, Hungary, and the National Kaunas Drama Theatre.

Educational package for Tower of Babel performance