The Castaway Prince

Based on motives of Timothée de Frombelle’s novel, The Book of Pearl.

Every time a child says, ‘I don’t believe in fairies,’ there is a fairy somewhere that falls down dead.

(M. Barrie: Peter Pan)

Ilian, the young prince is exiled from The Land of Tales to a world where almost no one believes in tales. A girl named Olia follows him who was once a fairy. Olia remained a half fairy-tale creature so only those who believe in tales can see or hear her.

But in this world, it is difficult to find someone who believes in them and Ilian has forgotten where he came from. Olia has a difficult task. She has to make Ilin remember The Land of Tales. And time is pressing. The Land of Tales is in truble and only a real prince can save it from annihilation. Our story is about imagination, fantasy, childhood and the lack of these.

Age: 3-4 graders

Writer: Csaba Mikó

Stage design: Zsófia Mihály-Geresdi

Technician: Márton Somorjai

Actor / drama teachers: Viktor Bori, János Kardos, Anita Patonay

Director, dramaturge: Zsuzsanna Madák

Duration: kb. 135 min.