The Troll


Digital media has become the most relevant means of communication for gen z and y. This is the new reality they have to navigate and exist within, also the one where they can truly express themselves. ‘Real’ and virtual reality interact with each other: virtual double-gangers and fake profiles can easily access all the shared, available, and often deeply personal data.   

The troll is a story of three young adults. Guy meets girl through a dating app, no strings attached, just a good prank to have a laugh about with the guys. She’ awkward, far from being his type and clearly does not belong to his world. If they have met somewhere else, anywhere else, he wouldn’t have batted an eye at her. But now, as her profile opens a door to a whole unknown world – to her reality – he has to ask himself what reality is, and what does it mean to have your own personal reality? Is there a difference between the realities, yours and hers? If so, what is the limit we can push them? In what amount can we influence, change, or just play with someone else’s reality?
And who gives us the permission to do so?

These are the focus points of our play to which we seek the answers – together with the participants.

Dénes: András SEREGLEI
Hajni: Melinda MILÁK
Kornél:Gábor GYOMBOLAI

Dramaturge: Kornél LABODA
Written by, director: Dániel Ambrus KOVÁCS
Duration: cc. 120’

Our play is inspired by the drama of Witold Gombrowicz (Yvonne, princess of Burgundy) and is based on the improvisations of the actors. This play is recommended for a high school audience.