Found Child


participatory theatre performance for primary school students of 5-6th grade

The central argument of the performance is the searching and potential finding of the identity as a precondition of an evoking personality with all its mistakes, morality and self-consciousness. The focus questions of the performance: Who I really am? What defines me? These questions are examined through the story of the 12-year-old Fanni, whose father turns out to be not her blood-related father. What to do, how to act next?

The performance is based on the script of Júlia Róbert: „Found Child”

Participating theatre consultants: Melinda Milák, Anita Patonay
Writer, dramaturge: Júlia Róbert

Director, visual director: Gábor Gyombolai
Actor/Drama teachers- drama schoolmasters: Dóra Botka, Tímea Frank, Zalán Haragonics, Márton Somorjai, Lina Zétényi

Premiere: 19th September 2018

Duration: appr. 120 mins

The complex theatre in education (TiE) performance is a theatrical education program, in which theatre scenes, episodes and related conversations, as well as specific interactive art forms are joined in an organic way to further process and think a story. The topic of the performance is always a moral/social problem, which examines humans as social beings living in the present. It is a genre in which the viewer is placed in the centre, and the creating presence of the viewer has become a method. The aim is not to convey the message in these performances, but to focus on the dilemma. The creators try to emphasise a question or a problem, where examination from multiple perspectives is inevitable. A forum is created, where opinions can be negotiated, different thoughts can be confronted in order to establish a dialogue between the participants. It is a dialogue between students sitting in the same classroom, students and adults with different values, worldviews. These performances can also be perceived as performative social interventions.

Explanatory and related concepts: interactive theatre / applied theatre / performative method / theatrical education / complex theatrical educational performance / social intervention / drama pedagogy / participation theatre / TiE – Theatre in Education / theatre pedagogy / political theatre / constructivist pedagogy / non-formal education / community theatre