Házam, Hazám

Citizen theatre – community theatre project

In February 2019, Káva launched its first series of theatrical sessions called CITIZEN THEATRE. The idea was that during the three – month trial, participants (a group above the age 18) build a community theater performance based on their own personal stories, experiences on the given topic.

  • The first series of CITIZEN THEATRE was about the topic RESIDENCE – HOME and the three-month process manifested in a community theater performance.
  • The second series addressed the issue of CLIMATE CHANGE and due to the Coronavirus pandemic; in the end a digital revue was created.
  • Now we run the third series of our CITIZEN THEATRE project, which this time involves specifically pedagogues, educators as participants. We focus on the subject of today’s school, or the Hungarian school system.

What is the CITIZEN THEATRE project?

Throughout the process, participants use the tool of performativity, but stage skills are not necessary. Theater is a tool to talk about issues that concern the group. It is not the artistic product that is important, but the theme in focus. Here the performance will come directly from the citizens, and from their thoughts.

Káva’s actors/drama teachers and the artistic team are overseeing/moderating the process, but the citizens are the ones who are both writers and actors, they have the decision of what can be included in the performance or what not.

The Story of the CITIZEN THEATRE project

The idea of the project came on a study trip to Dresden, where our actors/drama teachers came across an institution (the Staatsschauspiel Dresden Bürgerbühne) that created a space and opportunity for any Dresden citizen to create performances in the city theater. They immediately thought: ”It is in the interest of all of us that the theatre should finally function in the sense of a space of our common things, a space of real conversation, where everyone has a right to create and not just those who are educated. practiced to do it.”

The outcome of the project so far:

Read the study:

Specialized artists from three European theatres and members of a sociological research team came together in the Erasmus+ KA2 project to share their knowledge and experience in adult community theater and explore how participants of these programs can indirectly learn about the concept of active citizenship in an artistic context during a creative process of community theater.