Under their Feet

complex dance theatre in education performance After Horda2 and Based on True Story, Under Their Feet is the third piece of a dance theater in education performance series. During the performance we take a look at the subject of tradition and innovation in our game; we want to think together about the tension between the … Olvass tovább

Based on a true story

Based on a true story complex dance theatre in education performance for primary school students of 6-8th grades Co-production of the National Dance Theatre, the Central-European Dance Theatre, Káva Drama/Theatre in Education Association and Bethlen Theatre  In the focus of Based on a true story stays a family falling apart (a mother raising her children … Olvass tovább

Keeping, not letting go

Keeping, not letting go Our story is about three youngsters, who leave their parents’ house at the doorstep of adulthood and move into the city. Our main characters, leaving their childhood behind, want to break out from their parents’ control, the suffocating bond of their home, have a desire for freedom to bring their force … Olvass tovább

Trap City

TRAP CITY Participatory theatre performance for students of 8th grade, elementary school and 9-10th grade of high school For the Insta-generation, content equals themselves. One has to be ready to create content in the form of a photo or a vlog anytime, anywhere, for the followers exclusively. However, the rising number of followers and the … Olvass tovább

Found Child

FOUND CHILD participatory theatre performance for primary school students of 5-6th grade The central argument of the performance is the searching and potential finding of the identity as a precondition of an evoking personality with all its mistakes, morality and self-consciousness. The focus questions of the performance: Who I really am? What defines me? These … Olvass tovább

Lady Lear

LADY LEAR Interactive theatre project for adults where we tiptoe around a subject we usually aim to avoid: aging. What happens to the Mother, when she is no longer able to provide for herself, and starts to depend on her Sons? What happens to the three Children now that they have to take care of … Olvass tovább

The Troll

TROLL Digital media has become the most relevant means of communication for gen z and y. This is the new reality they have to navigate and exist within, also the one where they can truly express themselves. ‘Real’ and virtual reality interact with each other: virtual double-gangers and fake profiles can easily access all the … Olvass tovább

The Castaway Prince

Based on motives of Timothée de Frombelle’s novel, The Book of Pearl. „Every time a child says, ‘I don’t believe in fairies,’ there is a fairy somewhere that falls down dead.” (M. Barrie: Peter Pan) Ilian, the young prince is exiled from The Land of Tales to a world where almost no one believes in … Olvass tovább

Secret door

SECRET DOOR Duration: cc. 180’’ The Secret door speaks mostly for the teenagers as its main theme is how one can become an adult. During their adolescence their physical, mental and sexual maturation forces them (and their environment) to re-evaluate the different relationships they have. They have to reconstruct their views on peer and family … Olvass tovább

Peer Gynt

PEER GYNT Under the skies men have a common saying: „Man, to thyself be true!” But here, ‘mongst Trolls, „Troll, to thyself be – enough!” it runs. Our rendition of Peer Gynt is based on Ibsen’s original play, but instead of presenting the whole story we aimed to focus on a storyline that can hold … Olvass tovább